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Econoday’s Mousepad plus Monthly Inserts keep critical market events at your fingertips. Get the standard Econoday Mousepad or customize completely with your company's logo and colors. Giving a mousepad plus monthly inserts to a client is an excellent way to secure prime desktop real estate with valuable content and your brand within view.  

Each mousepad is shipped with all twelve monthly inserts.

With one glance you (or your clients) can see an entire month of U.S. announcements that move the markets including: 

✦ FOMC Meetings
✦ US Economic Announcements with market-moving events highlighted in a contrasting color
✦ Or, select from hundreds of global events for a custom solution (including US Treasury Announcements and Auctions)

Standard Monthly Inserts

The Econoday Mousepad plus Monthly Inserts is a staple on the desktop of well-informed investors and financial professionals. Save time and energy by keeping the most critical economic events within easy view on your desktop.

Customized Monthly Inserts

If you would like to connect with your clients more often, consider sending them a new insert each month with a customized message on the insert with your logo prominently displayed at the top of the mousepad. (Or feel free to ship all the inserts upfront to your clients. The choice is yours.)

Take advantage of the opportunity to cultivate key client relationships by broadcasting new product offerings, announcing the latest company news, promoting conferences,or seasonal marketing messages.

It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with your clients throughout the year!

Customization fee is $175 with a minimum order of 25 mousepads plus inserts.

The new monthly mousepad will be shipped to your clients on the 20th of each month.  All artwork, including logo, must be delivered to Econoday no later than the 5th of the month. Please contact us for ad specs.

To learn more, please contact Amy Hyde at 925-310-2008 or