Introducing the Econoday 2024 White Label Journal

We have re-designed this year's journal to provide more Branded content from our clients and for the first time ever, linking the journal to a Branded Digital Calendar. 

The first two pages of the 2024 Econoday Journal are yours to customize as you please with your very own full color, full page advertisement displaying your company story, personal message to your clients etc.

Linking the journal to a digital calendar will serve as a valuable relationship- building tool between you and your most valued clientele, prospects, and business affiliates.

This actually ties in perfectly with digital marketing. We can help you maximize your marketing capabilities by adding an exclusive QR code to your journal that will direct people to your website or personalized landing page that you can update as often as you like.

Not many other products can get you on the desk of your clients, as a daily reference that also has the ability to direct them to your online website, bringing them back time and time again!

Would you rather have your clients going to Bloomberg every day for their economic information, or your own unique webpage?

Thank you for your interest in Econoday.

Ready to customize? Fantastic!


or contact us via phone at 1-800-988-3332 or email