"Economic indicators remain a mystery to most investors, although understanding them is one of the greatest assets to managing investments."

-Cynthia Parker, CEO of Econoday


The reality is, though it is common for investors to watch the market and trade based on the difference between the consensus and actual data released, it is uncommon for an investor to understand the importance of an economic indicator in planning an investment strategy across asset classes. 

Econoday was developed to bridge the knowledge gap and help you manage your investment portfolio more strategically by recognizing the opportunity that economic indicators present.

Our Philosophy is simple:

  • First, stay informed of market events.

  • Then, at a minimum, follow key market moving indicators.

  • Finally, be sure to follow the components of these indicators to identify trends in sectors of the market.

Our market navigation tools help make it easy to integrate this process into your daily routine.You may never miss an economic trend again!

Who We Are

Econoday is a WOSB certified, California corporation serving the financial community for 25 years. Econoday is dedicated to the development of digital and print products that make it easier for investors and financial professionals to stay informed of market-moving economic events and to understand their importance and impact to global markets.

Econoday provides reliable data and unbiased, jargon-free, and market-focused analysis that is relied upon by premier financial institutions and major online media sources like Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Barron’s, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, CME, ICE, Bank of America, and many more.

What We Do

We provide easily integrated tools for educating and informing investors with our suite of digital and print solutions, designed to help individuals and financial professionals navigate the markets and reach their unique financial goals. 

In addition to being an invaluable resource for the individual investor, Econoday provides a unique opportunity for the enterprise to connect with their most valued clients and prospects. Econoday's suite of customizable client engagement options to help you stay in touch with their target audiences, broadcast dynamic content, and communicate more effectively.