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A Tool For Understanding & Analyzing Agricultural Markets

For over 15 years The Hightower Report has been publishing their popular Pocket Calendar. It was developed as a result of their Commodity Trading Guide customers also wanting a convenient “pocket sized” reference to carry with them.

Some suggestions on how to leverage your customized Pocket Calendars:

  • “Thank you” gifts for existing customers. Printing is on-time for holiday shipment!
  • Give-away piece to use at trade shows, presentations, or industry functions.
  • Targeted marketing for lead generation and conversion.
  • A great reference tool for your in-house brokers, traders, IB’s and staff.


  • A customized, branded piece that is functional and will keep you “top of mind” with your customer base.
  • A one-stop reference for the major report dates, contract expirations, trading hours and more!
  • Convenient pocket size to carry with you or be “at the ready” on your desk.
  • FREE shipping on orders within the US