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Strategic investing and analysis are a lot easier when you can identify patterns and see how economic events and announcements correlate with specific market movements. The Econoday Journal provides a convenient and easy way to follow important economic events every day, every month, throughout the year.

  • Enhanced new large format
  • Spiral-Bound
  • Monthly Monitor Calendar
  • Space to write personal Market Impact Notes
  • PLUS Our comprehensive Resource Center, featuring all the great information & insights you’ve come to expect from Econoday

Econoday is excited to share a special offer that adds even more value to your pursuit of economic insights. When you order the 2024 Econoday Economic Journal, you'll receive an exclusive bonus—a complimentary 1-month trial subscription to the Daily Global Economic Review!

What is the Daily Global Economic Review?
The Daily Global Economic Review is your key to staying ahead in the dynamic world of economics. It provides a comprehensive daily recap of crucial economic activities, market movements, and significant events that can impact your financial decisions. Delivered directly to your inbox at 5:30pm ET, this daily recap is designed to empower you with timely and relevant information.

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Exclusive 1-Month Free Trial Subscription
As a token of our appreciation for your order, we are offering you a free 1-month trial subscription to the Daily Global Economic Review. This means you can enjoy a month of invaluable insights that will keep you ahead in the world of economics—all at no additional cost!

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 • Stay Informed: Receive daily updates on global economic activities.
 • Market Insights: Gain valuable insights into market movements and trends.
 • Strategic Decision-Making: Stay ahead in making informed financial decisions.
 • Convenient Delivery: Get the recap delivered to your inbox daily at 5:30pm ET.

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